Designated Entities Policy

Campaign  - Get a reversal on an Federal Communications Commission decision to dilute a wireless auction bidding credit for women and minority-owned wireless companies.

Role Counselor, Policy Strategist, Government Relations liaison, Writer and Editor

Year - 2006 to 2014

Clients - Small Businesses including: Antares Holding, LLC, Business Intelligence Solutions, Dempster Group, LLC, Faithfone Wireless, Inc., Gilbert H. Scott, Sr., Kinex Networking Solutions, Inc and others; and nonprofit groups including Asian American Justice Center (“AAJC”), Media Access Project, National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (“NAACP”), National Hispanic Media Coalition (“NHMC”), National Organization for Women Foundation, (“NOW Foundation”), National Urban League, Public Knowledge, Rainbow PUSH Coalition and others.

Output  - Created oral advocacy in the form of talking points delivered to FCC Commissioners and staff; and at continuing legal education courses before members of the Federal Communications Bar; and written legal pleadings filed before the FCC, Court of Appeals for the Third and Tenth Circuits and the US Supreme Court; and a White Paper targeted to influence the US Supreme Court and other policy decision makers.

White Paper, Digital Deja Vu: A Roadmap for Promoting MInority Ownership In the Wireless Industry, February 24, 2014

Attorney Advocate, 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals, Amicus Curiae,2010

Attorney Advocate, Brief of Amicus Curiae in Support of Petitioners in Council Tree v. FCC, and the US Supreme Court  filed January 26, 2011

Attorney Advocate, 10th Circuit Court of Appeals, Brief  of  Amicus Curie (2014)

Panelist, Federal Communications Bar Association, Diversity Continuing Legal Education, June 2006,  Panelist, The Return of the Tax Certificate and the Future of FCC DE Credits

Brick and Mortar Digital Transition 


Help a successful brick and mortar audio visual staging company establish a digital footprint and elevate its branding in social media for the purposes of scaling and driving more bookings.

Role Social Media and Digital Strategist, Blogger, Facebook Ad Manager

Year - 2016

Client - Boom Audio Services

Output  - Created a high-impact and modern blog; Updated social media and created content and encouraged active authentic engagement,and grew follower count to a 2:1 ration; Created a Local Google profile and Got More Address, Google, Map and Telephone search traffic from local customers; Secured recommendations from clients to appear on social media accounts; Obtained a verified check mark in Facebook; and Created lead magnets to secure direct emails from potential customers for future marketing.

Blog: BoomBlog

Blog/Brand Audit


Audit a policy-focused think tank's website, white papers, research, policy and position, papers and directives to ensure that there is no racial, ethnic, religion, ability or other bias which could detract the target market or constituency served.

Role - Editor and Reviewer.

Year - 2016

Client - BE Strategies

Output  - Provided written feedback with comments, suggestions and recommendations for the client and proposals on how to eliminate bias, presumptions and stereotyping from future products, documents, blog posts and series released for public consumption.


Build Blog Audience and Brand


Create a lifestyle parenting brand through a blog that educates, informs and entertains wide audiences and become a trusted and reputable presence in the niche pregnancy and parenting online digital media sub industry.

Role - Editor, Blogger, Writer, Brand Development, Incubator and Investor.

Year - 2007 to Present

Client - Bellyitch Online

Output  - Grew, from the ground up, to 10 million viewers, 1 million weekly reach; Generated brand affinity so that the site is daily the recipient of unsolicited by would-be partners, brands, and marketers wanting  partnerships and affinity relationships; Won several awards including a Babble Best Parenting Blog, RedTri Best Parenting Blog and Healthline Best Health Blog each year; Listed as the number one resource cite above WebMD, and other reputable and established health blogs in Alltop; Created a biennial Most Expensive Stroller and Baby Products post and developed a following and millions in traffic; Published eBooks on Best Baby products and fertility; Opened an ecommerce shop selling charms and an Amazon AStore; Created an App and Subsidiary blogs, Bellyitch Online and Bellyitch Parent and Produced a model call and fashion shoot during a blog rebrand, where I also solicited bids and secured a new logo.